While Paul certainly doesn’t claim to have all the answers to great mental health and wellbeing, most of the answers we seek are within ourselves. Paul outrivals by challenging people to look closely at what they can positively influence within their own lives, all delivered in an engaging, unique and down-to-earth style.

Paul’s kōrero use stories, history, humour, experiences and a good lashing of common sense. Pragmatic and simple advice on things like letting go, trusting your intuition and how to create greater self-awareness are communicated with clarity and mana. A natural presence and the ability break down the complexities of modern life and examine the key elements that are able to be influenced have resonated with captivated audiences across New Zealand.

"Your real life story resonated with the audience and was riveting. It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to working with you again in the future." Alison B, Corporate Client

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Paul Rangiwahia Speaking  Paul Rangiwahia Speaking 2